Let`s speak why Aptos will be > ETH

Let`s speak why Aptos will be > ETH.
I think Aptos with Move already win Eth with Solidity. Your idea guys?

Gas price will be cheaper, i think this is one of the most problem for ordinary users


But what if ETH will go to POS?

POS will not fix transaction cost

Really, I think it will fix.

Hello, POS addresses issues at the consensus layer of the Eth blockchain. In order to reduce gas fees, there would have to be and upgrade to the execution layer of the same. This is a common misconception with the merge.

I agree, gas is the ultimate Achilles heel of the Ethereum blockchain.

Aptos will indeed be the much better choice in this regard!

Precisely - ETH merge will not fix as much as expected. I like the idea and believe in the potential of APTOS in dominating L1 chains.

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Then tell me why Ethereum < Btc lol :smile: