Lesya validator

Good afternoon. My name is Lesya, I am a member of the 2TOR community. Participated in a huge number of projects as a nodrunner and ambassador - provided full support for projects: informational and technical (Solana, Avax Massa, Moonbeam, NYM, Mina Protocol, Aleo, Iron Fish, Kyve, Minima, Agoric
I really want to take part in AIT2, because I consider Aptos a top blockchain and I want to be able to be at the origins of the project!

Server at the moment
12 CPUs (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core)
64 RAM
2 TB

I hope my practical skills and great desire to participate will help me to participate!


I hope you have a good chance :grinning:

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Good project needs good member

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Thank you, I hope luck will be on my side :grinning: