Lessons from "The subtle art of not giving a f*ck"

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson, I’d be delighted to share some enlightening quotes. Just to keep things on the fun side, I’ll reinvent some of them in my way, so they fit the book’s essential theme. Strap on your thought-hat! :tophat::thought_balloon::sparkles:

  1. “The only real sign of growth is when you’re constantly recognizing how much you’ve got left to learn.” - Becoming better is a forever journey, not a one-time destination. Enjoy every step. :sunrise_over_mountains::dart::earth_americas:

  2. “Negatives in life are like spices in a soup. Too much spoil the taste, but a little adds flavor.” - Problems are inevitable, appreciate them as opportunities for growth. Life’s tasty that way! :ramen::hot_pepper::yum:

  3. “Worrying too much about the destination often muddles the joy of the journey.” - Dwelling too much on the finish line can make us miss the beautiful scenery along the path. Keep your eyes open! :eyes::rose::walking_man:

  4. “Your perfection canvas isn’t a one-time art, it requires constant painting. You’re an unfinished artwork.” - Every day is a chance to paint a little more of your unique life masterpiece. Channel the inner Picasso! :art::paintbrush::framed_picture:

  5. “To be the best at something, first be okay with being the worst.” - Unveil the magic outside your comfort zone without fearing failure. Dive right in! :swimming_woman::ocean::trophy:

I trust this re-imagination of Manson’s genial insights would bring a smile to your faces
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and an inspiration to your heart! :grinning::bulb::heart:


I like this part


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Likewise. Have you read the book though?

I love this book!:smile:

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Very good read fren

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Indeed, it’s a good read

i’m reading this good book as well

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It’s worth it. I learnt not to waste f*ckbucks :sweat_smile: