Learning to do swing trading

Hello friends. Market these days, weeks and even months is lateralized, we don´t see great movements, not bullish, not bearish. Only weak movements up & down &up & down again.

I think we have an opportunity to try and learn to do swing trading.

I have selected three tokens for buying and selling, expecting 15%-20% benefits in some days or weeks.

Well , I am getting 10-15% benefits, not as high as expected, but I am learning to be patient, waiting my tokens go up, sometimes in one or two weeks, other times in one or two months.

I hane missed oportunities for buying and selling, is the way for learning.

I am not a great investor, I can trade with 20-30 usdc each time, but I am learning this way.

Any idea to do better? What do you think my aptosfriends of this suggestion?

Thanks for feed back

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