Learning language Move on Aptos

Learning the Move programming language on the Aptos network. Move is a next-generation language for secure, sandboxed, and formally verified programming. It has been used as the smart contract language for several blockchains, including Aptos. Move allows developers to write programs that flexibly manage and transfer assets, while providing the security and protections against attacks on those assets¹.

There are many resources that can help you learn the Move language on the Aptos network, such as:

  • The Move Book, which is a comprehensive guide to the syntax, semantics, and features of the Move language. It also includes a tutorial that walks you through the basics of writing and testing Move programs.

  • The Aptos Tutorial, which is a step-by-step guide to creating a simple Move project on the Aptos network. It covers how to install and use the Aptos CLI, how to create and deploy modules and scripts, how to use resources and storage, and how to write and run tests.

  • The Move on Aptos page, which provides links to external resources that teach you more about the Move language, such as videos, articles, playgrounds, and examples.