✨ Learn how to secure the second airdrop with an affordable strategy!

:rotating_light: Confirming the second Aptos airdrop! It’s crucial to take your Aptos interactions seriously. :parachute:

48% of $APT tokens are still slated for airdrops.

• 10 dapps
• 20 transactions
• Buy/Sell NFTs
• Play games

Learn how to secure the second airdrop with an affordable strategy! :thread::point_down:


Almost a year ago, @Aptos_Network distributed 3% of the 51% reserved for airdrops. That leaves 49% of tokens for the community, and some of it will be unlocked soon.

There are still 480 million $APT tokens available for the community.


I’m confident there will be more airdrops. The plan is to follow the previous airdrop pattern but with a focus on recognizing the active community. Aptos Labs has successfully raised $350 million in two funding rounds with Coinbase and others.


:one: Wallets; Setup your wallet
:white_small_square: Martian: martianwallet.xyz
:white_small_square: Pontem: pontem.network
:white_small_square: Fewcha: fewcha.app
:white_small_square: Petra: petra.app

:two: Buying $APT
You can purchase Aptos on an exchange and transfer it to your wallet

Official Aptos Bridge: theaptosbridge.com/bridge
:white_small_square: Connect both wallets (MM and Aptos wallet)
:white_small_square: Bridge funds from any chain to Aptos.

Using the Aptos Bridge employs LayerZero technology.

:three: Swapping
Visit these platform:

:four: Buy/Sell NFTs
Visit these platform:

:five: Aptos domains
Aptos Name Service: aptosnames.com
:white_small_square: Connect your wallet
:white_small_square: Purchase a domain name

:six: Play AptosArena Game
PlayAptosArena is a shooter game where players can earn $APT by defeating opponents.

The game successfully raised $3 million and received a grant from Aptos.

In just one day, someone earned 60 $APT by investing only 0.02.

Let me show you how it works :point_down:
Cost: 0.1$
Potential gain: up to 60 $APT ($300) every day

Aptos Arena Game: play.aptosarena.xyz
:white_small_square: Connect your wallet
:white_small_square: Click ‘Play’

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Petra is the official Aptos wallet and has the priority among other wallets


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