Learn from everything

In all the investments we do in this space, we don’t just invest, we learn a lot of lessons both by experience and by advice

Don’t just come here to invest and make money or loose money and cry and give up and be empty handed
Learn to grab these fundamental teachings alongside✅

You are no better than a newbie if you don’t learn lessons and gain experiences in this space
Not just in this space, in ANY space you find yourself in

Market Traders get liquidated o Yes
Defi traders get rugpulled or honeypotted
Poultry gets attacked by infection
Farmers face poor harvest
Shops get burnt
Drivers get hit

Bad things happen
And if there are no bad times, the good times won’t be appreciated :upside_down_face:

So always be ready and prepared for any shit that comes along the line, na who give up fuck up :person_cartwheeling:


Yes that’s true, we are shaped by our experience

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Yeah, you’re right.

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right! you are right!

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Nice write up bro!


You are right! Thanks

Great Write Up Mate.

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Wow, This is a very good advice. Thanks mate

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You are welcome.

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