LayerZero is coming, are you well positioned?

Recently there was a buzz surrounding LayerZero’s imminent airdrop. Should this come to fruition, it would most likely result in increased liquidity to the space, benefiting many coins and ecosystems (Aptos included). How many of you are well positioned for this airdrop? I am curious!


I guess I am


I will be there no matter what

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I Hope Iam

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want to belive i am

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Not at all friend


Wen drop???

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soon, my friend. soon. definitely before EOY

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personally i can’t wait!

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Patiently waiting

we’re gonna eat soon

well positioned and content here

i am moist

i’m in and i’m gonna make it

i’m so ready, bring it on!

wagmi boys, hang tight

yessir this is gonna be amazing

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yessir, super excited for L0 and omnichain interoperability

airdrop szn is upon us… we’re gonna be eatin good til 2024, possibly 2025!