Layer 1 Project Sei announced to go live soon on Binance launchpad. Will they cook?

Sei is currently one of the most anticipated Layer 1 projects right now. They have been talked about for a long time as people debated just how well the project will perform and whether they would give any rewards to their community. They launched a Testnet last year which lots of people took part in anticipating a possible mainnet release and reward for their participation.

 Then in Quarter 1 of this year, they announced their Blocked Missions which left some members confused as to whether their efforts in doing the  First Testnet would go to vain. That and a couple of other things compounded to Fud  but finally, it seems that they have finally checked all their boxes and will be going live this month of August.

  So what do you think? Do you think Sei will reward their community, perform well and surpass expectations and what are your possible Price Predictions?