Launching free to mint collection Aptosamurais

  • Aptosamurais / Telegram: Contact @Crypt0_Dron
  • launch of the nft collection consisting of 150 nft autosamurais. The essence of the collection should be that they will be free to mint and each of them will be the key to getting a whitelist to ALL the next nft collections from me. Those who will have such an nft will be able to mint all subsequent nfts also absolutely free to mint
  • the benefits for the aptos ecosystem are the same as the benefits for other ecosystems from the nft sector - an increase in interest in the ecosystem
  • the collection has already been drawn, it remains only to help with its implementation, since I want to launch the collection on aptos, but I don’t know how to do it
  • The team at the moment consists of me and any artists invited by me at my discretion (I pay them, so their interest is only in my money) I am the author of the idea, and from the invited artists, in turn, I only demand that my ideas be well embodied in the drawings of the collection. My motivation is to become part of the aptos ecosystem, since I fell in love with this blockchain, but I don’t know what else to offer it, I understand that it’s not possible, but this is the maximum that I can, so I look forward to working with you. All I dream about is waking up and finding out that I have made my own, albeit insignificant, contribution to your ecosystem, I will have a very big reason to brag to my friends =)
  • it was supposed that the collection would be generative, and I really generated it, but due to the unworthiness of the artist I hired, not all layers fit together (perhaps he was lazy enough because I didn’t pay enough, even though it was my monthly salary, haha). As a result, I had to remove the unsuccessful nfts, I worked on some myself. The bottom line is that in the end the nfts are perfectly drawn, but I probably can’t call the collection generative.If the team responds I canprobably come up with something, for example, prescribe and calculate all the characteristics and rarity manually. However, it may be easier to just point out that the collection is not generative, or rather, simply not indicate anywhere that it is generative
  • I don’t see any risks and problems here, the main thing is only the desire of the team to help me become part of something huge, I’m talking about the aptos ecosystem of course

I do not know if it is possible to attach links, I hope it is possible, here, using this link to Google drive, you can look at 19 randomly selected by me to show aptosamurais aptosamurais - Google Drive


Most valuable demanding project in the world because of their strong team and amazing artwork

Maybe with the metadata and the mint contract they can help you “BlueMove”.
If this collection is like a whitelist ticket, why complicate it) Don’t do a generative collection, just mint it without metadata and sell it for $1 or lower)


These are looking good. I hope your hard work pays off.