Language Move on Aptos

Move is a programming language that was designed for the Aptos network, a blockchain platform that aims to provide a secure, scalable, and interoperable environment for Web3 applications. Move is a safe and expressive language that allows developers to create and manage digital assets, such as tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts. Move has several features that make it suitable for the Aptos network, such as:

  • Resource types: Move uses a novel type system that distinguishes between values that can be copied, dropped, or moved. Resources are special types that represent scarce and owned assets, such as currency or NFTs. Resources can only be moved, not copied or dropped, which ensures that they are not accidentally duplicated or lost.

  • Modules and scripts: Move programs are organized into modules and scripts. Modules define the data structures and procedures for a specific functionality or domain, such as a token standard or a governance system. Scripts are the entry points for transactions that invoke the modules’ procedures and manipulate the resources. Modules and scripts are verified and published on the Aptos network, where they can be accessed by other programs.

  • Access control: Move provides fine-grained control over who can access and modify the data and resources stored on the Aptos network. Modules can define public or private functions and structs, as well as specify which structs can be stored in global storage or within other structs. Scripts can require a signer parameter, which represents the authenticated sender of a transaction, to authorize certain operations.

  • Formal verification: Move supports formal verification of its programs, which means that developers can use mathematical tools to prove that their code behaves as intended and does not contain errors or vulnerabilities. The Aptos network uses a tool called the Move Prover to automatically verify the modules and scripts before they are published.

If you want to learn more about Move and how to use it on the Aptos network, you can check out these resources. You can also try out some interactive tutorials on IMCODING or Pontem, which are online platforms that let you write and run Move code in your browser.