Kysonods Validator

Hello everyone, my name is Rico from Indonesia

i have known crypto since 2018, i also follow a lot of airdrop, bounty, giveaway, node, staking…
and I also set up grub to be able to learn nodes together.

my expectations :

because not many people were selected for the AIT2 testnet event , I hope everyone can get a prize , because we all spent time together and money to buy vps :joy: :joy:.

I think this is not bad, because here we can learn and understand what a node is. thank you all for Kjnodes, nodejumper, bondedzone, AMsolution you have given the best

Discord : dmzzakky#1125
my discord : NODE NODE AN
Youtube Tutorial : AndriaKysonodeD
Validator name : Kysonods

wish you all the best :grin: :grin: