Kuwra Validator

Hey, my name is Vadim, my nickname is Kuwra.
I am an individual validator from Poland.
The languages ​​that I know at natively are Polish and Russian, and I have pretty good english
I have experience in validating nodes for almost 1,5 years and I already have certain goals and successful cases.
I raise the nodes of the following projects: ironfish, zeitgeist, massa, masa-finance, polkadex, starknet, subspace, gear, kyve, minima, bitcountry, forta, evmos, humanode, streamr, hopr, penumbra, subspace, espresso, celestia, forta. Of cource I participated in AIT-1
Discord - Kuwra#5382
GitHub - Kuwra · GitHub
Twitter - @Vadim07421198

Wish luck finding good validators :slight_smile:

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