Ksunny validator 🇺🇦

Hello everybody!:relaxed:

My name is Kseniia. I’m from Ukraine and I’m 21 year old.

I will be really happy to help you in improving your project.

I am an experienced node runner.

I point out bugs to developers and help them to improve their products.

I run such nodes as Minima, Nym, Massa, Masa Finance, Zeitgeist, Gear, Aleo, Zeitgeist, Ironfish, Celestia, Archway, Forta.

I monitor my nodes everyday with Grafana.

By the way, I speak Ukrainian, English, Russian, Italian.

I really like Aptos project and see it’s big potential.

I will be really happy to become a part of your team

Telegram: @kssunny


Good Luck :ukraine: Hope you are well.

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t2::blue_heart::yellow_heart:

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Вау, девушка- валидатор
Это круто, голосую!