[Kripto Escobar] Why i am interest to join AITS2?

Kripto Escobar;

Hi, i am webmaster and sometimes youtuber. :grin: I have knowledge design and programming. In addition to these, I am the tester of many blockchain projects in Turkey. I also produce content on yotube to help tons of people join testnets in these projects. By participating in Tesnet, i can get to know aptos Network in the best way, and i can directly contribute to the shaping of aptos Netwok with your comments and criticisms.

In this way, i will witness the birth of a network and i will learn the ecosystem best.

General information: Kripto Escobar Community

**Validator I Testnet **

  • Espresso system
  • Sei network
  • Stafi protocol
  • Paloma
  • Minima
  • Quicksilver