Kerata1 marketing&nodes&blockchain

Hello. I’m Mehmet. I live in Saudi Arabia.

I entered the crypto industry in 2020.

I worked for Avalanche, BitDotCountry and Mina in the Marketing department. I’ve also worked with teams that create content for DaoMaker and Casper Network.

For the last 7 months, I have been installing Node. First of all, I have established successful Nodes in Forta(Full Node), Starknet(Validator Node), Celestia(Validator Node) and Kyve Network(Full Node) and now Aptos.

I can post in three languages as an intermediate level of English, a very good level of Arabic and my native language Turkish.

As technical information, I know how the blockchain works, what the nodes do and how they work, and the working logic of Tx’s at an advanced level.

I have used most of the Nodes I have established and all the marketing publications I have made in the Middle East region. I’m trying to make the Crypto world even more common with my friends here.

We spend our experience and time for these works. We learn a lot of new things and meet new friends. Everyone who has come this far is experienced people. I hope it will be the best for everyone.

Technical details of Aptos VPS

Ubuntu 20.04 x64
System Disk 50 GB
Data Disk 310 GB
Line Type BGP

Contact: Discord:Kerata1-RH#6379 Telegram:Kerata1 Twitter:@cakmaborsaciii Github:Kerata1