Kemlcaner Validatör

I have been dealing with node installations for about 4 months. I try to improve myself and learn new things. I am working really hard for this. I also like to share what I have learned with other people. I am a manager in our own dao for node installation.

Aptos is my first project. Therefore, it will always have a special place for me. I started everything with aptos. Afterwards, I also set up various nodes. more to come.

Communication Channels:

• Discord: kemlcaner#8432
• Telegram: @kemlcaner
• Twitter: @kmlcnairdrop , @kemlcaner


• Rues Community
• Obscuro Turkish
• Sui Turkish
• Espresso system Turkish
• Quai network Turkish
• Sei network Turkish official
• Another-1 Turkish
• Paloma Turkish official


You are powering this market. I always want you to be and rise :rocket: :rocket:

Good Luck Kemlcaner :rocket: