Just a thought off the top of my head. (For the community)

I’ve noticed a lot of people on the forum bringing up the topic of drops and when the next drop will be. That’s okay, because the Aptos project really rewarded its early adopters. But do not forget that there is still a team, technologies and a great prospect of becoming a large-scale project in the future, so I suggest you develop and study the project itself and be interested in it. I want to see a sincere community that follows the idea, and not just the drop. I wish you all a great weekend, a great day, and a great week ahead!) Thanks for your attention and remember you are the best community!)
It will also be useful if you spread this idea.


I think you have a correct approach. I’m here because I think this is a solid L1 and will have a future. The team did a great job.


I will say that besides the fact that all are welcome here, drop hunters play an important part in spreading awareness about Aptos and engaging in Aptos related activities which is to
the benefit of us all. The end result is that many who come for the drops, stay for the tech!
Were it not for the drop however, they would not have had the exposure that led to the conversion. This is not to say that you are wrong, just another perspective.


You are right, according to many messages from the forum, the general mood and the expectation of an airdrop for receiving badges, for example, are clear.
But I think here we can just help, make it clear that there will be no drop, or let them get badges, but for this you can make a separate branch for this (interestingly, we are Regulars - can we make such a branch for badge hunters? )

As for the builders, I absolutely agree with you, but I communicate with them on the discord and you can find programmers there.

I support you and am ready to help in every way!


Your point is also correct, I don’t think drop is bad or anything) it’s the right approach for any project in our industry because it’s cool marketing. But I’m talking about the fact that on the forum, well, this topic is already too often, and I’m talking about the fact that I want to see another point of view, which goes not only for the sake of a drop.


Helping each other is exactly what will create cool conditions for everyone :+1:


We apparently need to guide the community here on the forum!
You raised a very important topic and I support you, what can we actually do with you now?


Yes, you are also undoubtedly right, in fact, without the community there would not have been many projects at all (maybe this is for the better, I don’t know). But I know for sure that Web3 is driven by enthusiasts and of course they should be rewarded. Actually, their expectation of awards is also obvious, it’s a pity that sometimes stupid work is behind this.

But I think everything will change soon! On the next round of development!


you can share information) so we can spread our ideas and I, in turn, will support you)


I trust Aptos. The project is at the beginning of its development and formation.




Trust in Aptos, keep building


I’m here because I think Aptos will be No.1 in the future


Aptos keep building in bear market, It’s so good


totaly agrid