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Pro tip:

Whenever there’s a new shiny project or token that pops up and makes people “Lambo” money, that’s not the time to be jumping in or searching for the next version of that same project/token. There’s a high chance that ship already sailed and you’d be wasting your time because all replica projects/tokens that will follow up afterwards will only be trying to cash in on the hype.

For example, with what just happened with Arkham, for the next 30 to 60 days we’re going to see a lot of referral + points style projects pop up and many people will start sharing unnecessary links here and there hoping to land the next Arkham but will be highly disappointed because there will only be one Arkham. If you missed it, it’s gone. I’ve noticed even zetachain is now becoming popular because of Arkham but I’ve been talking about zetachain since last year and been accumulating points for a while now. If you’re now getting in, don’t get your hopes up…

We saw the same thing with Aptos too when they airdropped $1.5k to testnet users. Everyone started farming all types of testnets but so far, none have pulled an Aptos and many people are disappointed.

What you rather want to do is look for something that not many people are paying attention to. This is how you catch a “Lambo” project. I could list a number of projects that could potentially do something loud that I have been monitoring but not many people are looking their direction right now.

Slingshot.finance: Everyone is currently farming Zksync but you could potentially make bigger bread farming this project over Zksync

Layerzero: It has started catching traction but still not too late to get in. I only have about 16 transactions on the protocol and about $2k volume but my wallet is amongst the top 30%

Shell protocol: they’ve had their airdrop phase 1 where I qualified for 23 tokens by just adding liquidity of less than $20 on their protocol. I’m projecting my 23 $SHELL to be worth about $230 which will be more than 10x my money. You can participate in phase 2 right now. Adding $20-$100 liquidity could go a long way.

Philand: This project brings a new concept into web3 where you can build some kind of visual board with all your on chain activities and claim points on their platform. I’ve accumulated about 50k points here and in a good position on their leaderboard. If they should reward users, it’ll likely be loud

Layer3: Mentioned this one here too but again, no one pays attention. The sweet thing about layer3 is that you get to shoot two birds with one stone when you use this protocol to farm other protocols for airdrop. They have a level up system where the higher the number of quests you complete, higher your rank. Used this to farm arbitrum and Currently using it to farm ZKsync. Sign up here Layer3

Not saying all these projects Will definitely do an airdrop but if one of them do, it’ll likely be big and you only need one Lambo to turn things around

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