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Тестнет Jujube.Finance

:face_with_monocle:Что делаем:point_down:

:white_check_mark:Подписываемся на Дискорд - Jujube Finance
:white_check_mark:Подписываемся на Твиттер - https://twitter.com/JujubeFinance
:handshake:Выполняем все по Гайду :point_down:
:moneybag:Надеемся на награды:man_shrugging:


@cryptoseaman Could you please post in English?

Jujube.Finance testnet

What do we do

Subscribe to Discord - Jujube Finance
Subscribe to Twitter - https://twitter.com/JujubeFinance
We do everything according to the Guide
We hope for rewards

you can also use the translate button. it is located at the bottom of each post and looks like a “globe”

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I think you can join :wink:

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Good job, thanks :wink:

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Welcome to Aptos.

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