Yo! , am a crypto lover and love challenging myself to programming tasks

I have been running some nodes since 2021,started with Massa and still running it with out nodes too on different projects like ironfish,masa,SEI network,defund, celestia and quicksilver. My validator node on Aptos is named johnpaulAPTOSnodes

Currently am just a just a guy running nodes,most of my nodes are named johnpaulNODES,that will be my organisation name in the future, my current location is nigeria.i also organize tutorial for my fellow Nigerians here in Nigeria on how to set up nodes
Am activel in the general discussion and nodes-support, understands only English

I have good experience in setting up nodes, currently running Aptos validator on a 4vcpu 8gb ram and more than 300gb SSD space
I was able to set up the validator node few hours AIT2 start, and can respond to any emergency immediately to help making sure that this testnet is a successful one. My validator nodes have taught me how to watch my nodes like a hawk and respond immediately with fix if there is any panic or another issue in my nodes