Job opportunities in web3

The various jobs in web3 can go a long way in establishing one in the web3 ecosystems.
In the discord community, one can work as a moderator or you can engage in communities and mint projects. You can also be a developer or founder of projects.

One I like is to be a digital artist, which is quite difficult to start


why you think is difficult to became digital artist


i like it a great thread


The realm of web3 offers a plethora of exciting job opportunities that can truly shape one’s presence within this innovative ecosystem. Engaging in the discord community as a moderator or actively participating in community initiatives and minting projects can be rewarding. Being a developer or founding projects opens doors to creative and technical avenues.
Becoming a digital artist, while challenging to start, can be immensely fulfilling. On another note, if you’re interested in exploring career paths beyond web3 and looking for information on in-demand and high-paying roles, you might want to delve into MBA Careers. There are websites that offer valuable insights into various career options that can complement your web3 interests.

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goodluck mate !