ITpro Validator

Hello everyone!
We are a team of three DevOps developers from Ukraine. He has more than 12 years of practical experience in IT. We have been working as node operators for more than 18 months and are truly a fan of the crypto industry.
Projects in which we are involved:

As well as many others: Aptos, Gear, IronFish, Kyve, Masa, Massa, Minima, Oasys, Peaq, Quai, StarkNet, Subspace

We are real crypto-insists and lovers of our business.
We will be grateful to everyone who supports us
Everything will be Ukraine! We will definitely win! ua1

Our website:

Discord: andrey_5555#3753

I would like to support a great team

I support you! good luck!

Hello! +1 voted for you! :ukraine: