It has been confirm that Arkham only did 7% airdrop out of the 37% that is meant for the community, which means we are expecting 30% airdrop from them

→ People earned thousands of $ for free in a 7% airdrop distribution, imagine how much you could get when they do the remaining 30%

→ Here is another opportunity from Arkham For the 2nd Round of the Airdrop, hope you don’t miss it again

→ Firstly register here! :point_down:


:round_pushpin:Do the following

→ JSYK The criteria for the 2nd Round will be different from the 1st round.

:white_check_mark: contribute to ARKHAM ecosystem’s

:white_check_mark: Trade on the marketplace

:white_check_mark: Invite other using the direct invite option


guess the rest is for DAO

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it’s still for the community

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according to the team, there’s no other airdrop whatsoever