Issues on the recent gas spike across Evm esp L2 (arb)

so for the past one week , we all have experienced a gas spike in etherium, this gas spike in L1 has also affected the gas fees for interaction in L2 .

we all thought it will end there but No , newbies who barely have little or no capital can barely interact with new protocols which needs Geth for testing , the gas fee to interact is so expensive for an average newbie to interact with.

you cant even test for free now , it is now part testnet and part mainnet :smiling_face_with_tear:


keep try aptos eco


the plan is to explore all chains , i do use Aptos

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@aisaaca this is bullish

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Nice write-up

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thats a good one

Nice word go ahead

It’s really frustrating :sob:

looks getting worse

lol I think this should be fixed because this is what made me run from ETH DeFi.

for real, i just feel for people who just got onboarded , this gas fees are scary

yeahh it is a bit scare NGL

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