Is this forum necessary for Aptos?

I understand the motives that could be behind wanting to do things differently, or perhaps there are other reasons to it? i’m genuinely curious.

I really don’t think this forum can sustain good substance. even if it does in the short term for incentivized reasons, it’s not sustainable as a lot of people would bounce.

I bet a lot of people are going to be active here now, since there are whispers of an airdrop, what happens after the airdrop ? (that’s if there really is any?)

I just think the effort used in building this forum should have been put into building an incentivized system that leverages the general crypto community where they are mostly found— Twitter; the natural habitat of everything crypto, as opposed to taking them off.

whatever community programs and strategies Aptos is introducing should include a huge presence and involvement of Twitter users: there shouldn’t be a disconnect.

These are just random thoughts anyways.


Good read. Btw informative. Thanks for creating this.


Thank you for this beautiful information

I don’t really see it as something necessary but I feel it will do more good for the ecosystem

not neccesary but sure not a bad idea either