Is SUI is the biggest rival Of APTOS

I don’t think so. APTOS rewarded the community. And the community is the key :wink:

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SUI doesnt have a chance :laughing:


Considering how they treated their testers compared to aptos I don’t think it will have a community as strong as Aptos

Everybody forgot SUI already


APTOS what is needed to be done. They shocked the community with a great airdrop. A project only grows with the community.


I don’t think so

Unfortunately Sui has failed to the community, this is the first reason that they dont have the same perspective to the future.

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aptos is a much better project

Aptos runs way smoother in my opinion

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Aptos is the best project :heart::+1:

Maybe, I actually earned some reasonable amount from sui but I love Aptos more

fake games, will do this

To hell with sui

I can’t believe this post got 90+ likes thnx

I can’t really call it a rivalry thing like that.

They are more or less like brothers Blockchain

Sui is gone

And Sei possibly did worse