Is Catly legit?

Airdop Name: Catly Airdrop
Reward: Instant 500 Catly Token (4$)
:joystick:Need Binance Verified Account Must


:large_blue_diamond: SignUp by G-mail
:large_blue_diamond: Click on token
:large_blue_diamond: Claim Airdrop
:large_blue_diamond: Set Binance USDT Bep20 address
:large_blue_diamond: Verify Binance Amount received on Binance
:large_blue_diamond: Done

Very strong project


Catly, to me is a bit safe. I’m a participant in the drop, and also invested, so as to enjoy the 3% staking reward daily.

awesome!! :slight_smile:

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From all observation. Catly is been legit.

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