Is Artificial Intelligence a mistake to man kind?

There was a factory, in which the manager let’s name him Tony, worked very hard and factory ran smoothly, continuously growing and producing new stuff every now and then. When the factory grew too much Tony started feeling the need for an assistant and he hired Jarvis. He trained Jarvis to manage factory. Jarvis was a prodigy and soon he was showing sign that he is better than Tony. Jarvis was in good health, young and gifted, he could do more in a day which Tony couldn’t do in a month. Factory was doing great, Jarvis solved most of the problems faced by Tony for decades. Slowly Jarvis became the de facto manager of the factory and Tony just held the title, everything happening in factory was beyond his comprehension. Should Tony feel that hiring Jarvis was mistake or blessing?

AI is not a mistake, AI is inevitable result of technological progress.

Machine Intelligence is the future, whether we will somehow integrate ourselves with it or get replaced is the only question. A biological brain running on 15 watt and occupying limited space can’t compete against an scale-able system with unlimited power supply. Laws of physics do not allow it. AI is neither mistake nor blessing, with technological progress AI is simply inevitable, AI just is.


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