Is Aptos Better Than Solana Ethereum and other Layer 1 Projects ? Potential Of Aptos

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In This Topic We Will Discuss Is “APTOS” Better Than SOL ETH and Other Layer 1 Projects.

Lets Compare It To SOL ETH and DOT.

When ETH Launched ETH Has Some Drawbacks Like High Transaction Fees and Low Transaction Speed and Bugs In Smart Contracts.

So When DOT Launched DOT Try Fully To Fill The Drawbacks Of ETH But DOT Also Has Some Drawbacks Also Like Low Transaction Speed And Transaction Fees and The Blockchain Interface Of DOT.

When SOL Launch Transaction Fees And Speed Is No Longer A Problem For SOL But Blockchain Offline Was The Most Biggest Problem Of SOL.

APTOS” Is Fixing All The Problems Which People Faced In ETH , SOL And DOT.

With Launch Of APTOS The Fight Is Ended And I See APTOS Winning The Competition.

Potential Of APTOS Is Much Higher and The Price Of APTOS Can Easily Touch The Mark Of 100$ To 200$ In Bull Run.

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