Is Aptos (APT) at Risk of Sell-Off as Millions Set to Unlock?

Aptos (APT) is facing a temporary existential threat as millions of the tokens are set to unlock, diluting its circulating supply. According to data from crypto analytics provider Lookonchain, a total of 24.84 million APT worth as much as $181.35 million will be unlocked Nov. 12, a move based on the protocol’s predefined vesting schedule.
24.84M $APT ($181.35M, 9.96% of Cir. Supply) will be unlocked on Nov 12.11.88M $APT($87.04m) to Core contributors8.42M $APT $61.75M) to Investors3.21M $APT($23.53M) to Community1.33M $APT($9.77M) to FoundationBullish or Bearish?1/:thread:Here is a thread
— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 11, 2023
Per the insights shared by Lookonchain, a total of 11.88 million APT or $87.04 million is designated to be unlocked and distributed to core contributors on the Aptos network. A total of 8.42 million APT or $61.75 million is poised to go to investors, while the community and Aptos Foundation will get 3.21 million APT ($23.53 million) and 1.33 million APT ($9.77 million), respectively.

The prospect that these unlocked tokens might be liquidated by the designated recipients is dampening expectations. As such, it is depriving Aptos from participating in the ongoing altcoin rally. At a time when cryptocurrencies like FTX Token (FTT) and Celsius (CEL) are on a major bullish rampage, APT has dropped 1.17% to $7.34, with bears threatening to pare off the 6.52% accumulated in the past week


Volatile movement tomorrow


Aptos is a solid snd big project


I love Aptos ecosystem


Aptos the great


Absolutely not. The unlocked token will only shake off the weak hands


According to team, unlocks happen every other month. So no need for panic, only high volatility should be expected

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They have a better plan for the community

Great project done by aptos