Investment advice

In the coming bullrun, some people having their first circle will probably make more money than those who had experienced one before reason being that the former having seen some coins run crazily in the last cycle they have fallen inlove with those coins and forgotten the number one law of coin movement which is marketcap. For a coin to move 100% and turn your $100 to $200 the market cap has to double. So most of the coins in top 20 already having market cap in billions, for them to rally x1 is alot of money so for every coin you buy please look at the market cap first, think of how many x you want and how much market cap will it be at by the time it gets to that amount of x. It is easier for camel to pass through the needle eye than for a 1Billion marketcap coin to do 20x. Remember we are in this market for the money primarily. I will be sharing Alphas from my holdings ahead of the bullrun, they are carefully picked, spanning across different narrative and ranging across low, mid and large caps. Stay clued and i wish you success in your journey to financial freedom


Appreciate that fam :purple_heart:

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Well said man

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Thanks for your advice

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Word!!! You are right mate

Good advice and tricky situation as well. But I agree with you.