Introduction to the Move Languaggd

Introduction to the Move Language

The Move language is a cutting-edge smart contract language developed by Diem. In order to attract a wide range of developers to build applications for the new ecosystem, it’s crucial to have a language that developers are already familiar with. Currently, popular programming languages in the blockchain space include Solidity, used by Ethereum, Avalanche, and BSC, as well as Rust, used by projects like PolkaDot and Solana. Move, being a brand-new language, introduces a learning curve for developers interested in creating on Aptos.

The existing pool of developers proficient in Move is limited, and the associated development tools may not be as comprehensive as those available for more established languages. However, driven by projects like Aptos and Sui within the “Diem” ecosystem, and with the potential for further adoption of Diem technology in the future, Move has the potential to evolve into one of the mainstream blockchain development languages.

The Move programming language was specifically designed as a secure and programmable foundation for Aptos’ vision of creating an inclusive financial infrastructure. With this objective in mind, Move aims to address the main pain points of existing blockchain languages. As a result, Aptos’ proposed solution can be summarized by four key goals: exceptional resource handling, flexibility, security, and verifiability.

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