Introduction to Aptos

Hello everyone!! There are many newcomers among the participants, but no less experienced users, and here the question matures why the experienced do not share their experience? As a beginner, I am interested in how to interact with Aptos? What actions increase the chances of a second drain? And in general, what kind of audience do we have here? I suggest that every pro give at least one piece of advice under this post, but in general it will turn out to be an encyclopedia or a user’s guide to Aptos, but in a simple and accessible language, because not everyone is fumbling in terminology!!!


Hello mate, welcome to aptos forum, read and engage lots of posts, create posts and receive likes, visit the forum and spend a good time daily, you can also ask @discobot for help at any time


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Good :+1::blush: information…