[INTRODUCTION/PLANS] Philippines Aptos Creative Society - Hub 🇵🇭 (PACS-Hub)

Hello Welcome to our Philippines Aptos Creative Society - Hub :philippines: (PACS-Hub)

This is @shadznft the new Community Lead of PACS-hub I’ll be replacing @n1t0y as He will be our new Community Advisor to help and guide us grow and bring creatives people in Aptos Ecosystem.

We are planning to hold a creative challenge that will benefit both the community members and also Aptos Ecosystem.

This is incentivized bounties, we’re going to choose 1st placer 2nd and so on just like a normal art contest. The rewards ofcourse will be Aptos Token.

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting our 1st Art Bounty in Aptos Forum hosted by Philippines Aptos Creative Society - Hub :philippines: this week.

I’m hoping for the support of Aptos community especially Creative Guilds here in Aptos!

For more question or possible collaboration with our Community you can reach out to us via discord or twitter (shadznft#0391 or @ PACSHub)


Also join our telegram channel and get in touch with us and our community members :arrow_down:

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Thanks for your work

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Thank you @dpe :sparkling_heart:

Great job leading the march @shadznft ! I look forward to what the future of PACS-Hub has in store with you manning the helm! I’m here to advise in PACS-Hub’s affairs, keep doing what you’re doing and let’s set the creativity loose with this contest!

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