[INTRODUCTION] Philippine Aptos Creative Society - Hub 🇵🇭 (PACS-Hub)

Organization: Philippine Aptos Creative Society - Hub :philippines: (PACS-Hub)

Hey Aptos Community!

I’m here to introduce PACS-Hub, a creative hub for Filipino Artists, Culturists, Story-tellers, and Builders in the Aptos Network.

Check out our full presentation for more visuals!

Let’s start with our logo!

Designed by @n1t0y & @kenzero

The logo is the Philippine Sun symbol with the eight rays superimposed to the Aptos logo. It also has Baybayin, an ancient Filipino script, surrounding it. From the 10-o’-clock position going clockwise, are the letters for “P-A-C-S-P-A-C-S”.

The upper letters, of course, being the initials of PACS-Hub.
While the lower letters mean something else in Filipino.

Four Tenets:

  • P - Pagkatao (Humanity)
    – PACS-Hub will look into the Humanitarian side of Web 3.0. The community building, camaraderie, and compassion.

  • A - Alamat (Mythology)
    – PACS-Hub recognizes the importance of story-telling to preserve the identity of us humans. The myths, the legends, and their endemic lore.

  • C - Kultura (Culture)
    – PACS-Hub will endeavor to immortalize the Filipino culture using the blockchain as it’s tablet to inscribe it’s own history.

  • S - Sining (Art)
    – PACS-Hub is primarily an artist collective. A group of creative spirits using NFTs as their medium.

Our Tagline:

“Para sa Pilipino - Sining, kultura, alamat, at pagkatao.”

Which translates to, “For the Filipino people- the arts, culture, mythology, and humanity.”

We will live by these words so that we may find our way back when we unknowingly stray.

Here are our Concept, Goals, and Contents, as of writing.


  • For Aptos - PACS-Hub aims to bring Filipino Creatives into the Aptos ecosystem.
  • For Filipinos - We wish to introduce Aptos, a safe, scalable, and upgradable layer 1 blockchain, to the Filipino masses.
  • For Web 3.0 - We’ll endeavour to enrich the space through active human engagement.


  • Form the PACS-Hub Collective - The first step is to on-board creatives into the Aptos ecosystem.
  • Create Content for Filipinos - Educate one of the leading population of crypto adopters in the world what Aptos is, and what they can do with it.
  • Collaborate - No man is an island, so we’ll work together with other groups in Aptos to further the space.


  • Manage a Hub for Filipinos - Use social media platforms to form a hub for Filipino Creatives in the Aptos ecosystem.
  • Point-person for Aptos - Become the point-person for FAQs regarding Aptos for Filipino Creatives.
  • Create Content - Create relevant content for Aptos in the Filipino language.

And now, our team.


EL | @n1t0y - Community Lead and Copy Writer
EL | n1t0y’s Twitter
EL | MALAMAYA’s Twitter

@kenzero - Marketing and Graphic Design
Kenzero’s Twitter

@shadznft - Content Creator and Community Management
Shadz’s Twitter

@ligaya - Community Moderator and Social Media Management
Ligaya’s Twitter

@pemmiee - Artist and Designer
Pemmiee’s Twitter

@iinko18 - Community Moderator and Artist
Iinko’s Twitter

Our Socials: Join the Hub!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PACSHub
Medium: PACS-Hub 🇵🇭 – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @PACSHub

Thank you for your time, and I hope to be able to participate in the discussions here more!


Its such an honor to be part of this. Thank you!

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thank you this very good…


it’s great that new communities are emerging to spread the word and promote the Aptos project to other countries. Well done for bringing this idea to life! I also send you greetings from the Aptos Ukrainian Hub team :handshake:t2: !!!


Thank you for the kind words! Always wonderful meeting new people in the space :slightly_smiling_face:

The PACS-Hub :philippines: team greets the Ukrainian Hub :handshake:


I’m excited!