Introducing Bullshark Quests

:mega:Introducing Bullshark Quests – a new way for Bullshark holders to earn SUI rewards and other perks.

:shark:The first Quest has already begun!

:exploding_head:The reward pool: 5M SUI!

In order to participate in the first Bullshark Quest, you must be the owner of a Bullshark prior to 12 p.m. PDT today.

In order to be eligible for rewards, you must continue to own one or more Bullsharks throughout the Quest period.

Don’t own a Bullshark now? Don’t worry – there will be more Quests!

To secure your spot in the next Bullshark Quest, head to @BlueMove_OA or @HyperspaceSui to buy your Bullshark

To earn points and secure your place on the leaderboard, you must interact with the applications mentioned above.

Scores differ for each application and action:
There are two reward pools of 2.5M SUI each, for a total of 5M SUI. SUI rewards are provided by the Sui Foundation.

The first pool will be shared by the top 10,000 eligible players.

The second pool will be divided equally among all other eligible players.
Start playing now! View your position on the leaderboard here:
For more details including scoring, rewards, and more, check out our blog post:


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This is all nonsense not going to do anything. Time is worth more


Right. The top 10,000 eligible players will get 250 SUI each currently holding a value of $165 USD. The rest will be split between at least 400,000 + participants, which works out to 6 SU each worth a whopping $4.13 . The time/reward ratio is inadequate imo. Good luck to all who participate.