Internal Call and Delegate Call

Is it possible to do a Low Level Function call from contract A to contract B using module address , function selector and arguments without importing that module??

let me describe my project a bit

basically i was thinking of implementing a kind of native meta transaction and a fee collecting mechanism using a smart contract wallet

so a wallet will sign a txn → relayer will verify validate and add gas to the transaction → txn execution and repayment of the gas fee to the relayer

so in evm we can have a smart contract wallet(SCW) where the funds will recide , the relayer will send the txn calldata to the SCW , the SCW will do a low level call to the target contract and calculate the fee and return the fee to the realyer

But in APTOS i am facing 2 problems

  1. executing the desired txn and fee repayment to the relayer in an atomic way so that the user cant takeout the fee amount before the repayment
  2. Calculating the actual txn fee paid , not the simualtion fee as there will be a difference and Debt mechanism should be there to recover the extra fee