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We have built a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) and are looking for help with content and images to build an introductory course to Aptos. We have built proprietary content authoring tools so the community can build the course together, with authorised members being able to make real time edits within the platform.

Building an interactive course for the Aptos community will enable more people to understand how Aptos works and how it can evolve.

The first deliverable will be a 5-10 minute interactive course that educates the user on the fundamentals of Aptos and provides an overview of how the tech works. This will take approximately 4 weeks from when we have the appropriate content and have it reviewed by experts.

Long-term our ambition is to build more complex courses for developers and also UX overviews for retail users.

The LMS has already obtained accreditation and we are building proprietary tools to enable courses to be built by respected members of the community. The LMS has completed its software testing cycle and is fully functional and ready for roll-out. Our suite of dedicated content authoring tools are currently being built to meet our in-house specifications.

Investors in People and UKAS ISO9001 accreditation have been secured.

The key challenge is finding partners who have a solid understanding of Aptos and can help us with both written and visual content. Once this has been provided we can create unique and cutting edge interactive educational courses.


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