Instruction for running a Node

By running a Bitcoin node you can actively participate in the crypto revolution helping shape an alternative monetary system. Before you start with the process, you need to know the risks and requirements associated with running a Bitcoin node. Let’s dive into that- :see_no_evil:

1. Secure Your Wallet

When running a Bitcoin node, you can store your Bitcoins in the Bitcoin core wallet, however; take safety measures as you would for running any other crypto wallet.

2. Minimum Requirements for a Full Node

  • Desktop or laptop with updated versions of the operating software

  • 200 GB of free disk space, with a minimum read/write speed of 100 mb/s.

  • 2 GB of random access memory

  • A fast internet connection with a minimum speed of 500 kb/second

  • An unmetered connection or a connection with high upload limits, as well as one that does not have any upload limits.

  • A minimum of six hours a day for your node to run.

Note: Ensure your laptop or desktop is running at optimal condition since most of the operating systems allow your computers to enter a low-power mode as soon as the screensaver activates. This will halt or slow down the traffic.