Insomnia Validator

• Introduction: I have more than 3 year of experience in running validators and nodes in blockchain projects. I have maintained validators in both mainnets and testnets. I have operated validators/nodes in: Solana, Casper, Nym, Aleo, Ironfish, Cosmos-based networks (Desmos, Omniflix, Evmos, Axelar, AssetMantle), Substrate-based networks (Moonbeam, Joystream, Zeitgeist, Bit.Country), Minima, Massa, Forta. I always try to be helpful for projects if I can contribute. For example, I developed a PowerShell wrapper for Covalent API when I was taking part in their testnet.

• General information: I am an individual contributor fluent in English and Turkish

• Communication Channels:
• Discord: ZbamZbam#2886
• Telegram: @insomnia35
• Twitter: @coinhunter34 Insomnia34 (Insomnia) · GitHub

• Technical Details: Mostly, I deploy nodes on dedicated servers hosted by Digital Ocean and Hetzner. Both in Germany and England. A few nodes are in France hosted by Vultr and Ikoula. I also, have a few spare servers located in Poland and hosted by Mevspace to be able to switch mainnet nodes there in case of problems with Hetzner.


I’m happy to see you here, always getting better :dizzy:

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Thank you so much mate… :slight_smile:

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Very good information.

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umarım verdiğin emeğin karşılığını alırsın…

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