Infamous (NFMS) – a gamified dynamic NFT (dNFT) project

Project Name / Organization

Infamous (NFMS) – a gamified dynamic NFT (dNFT) project

Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

We aim to build the very first dynamic NFT project on the Aptos. Infamous (NFMS) is an anime-styled playable dynamic NFT project where each NFT is a character that can be level-upped, upgraded, and equipped with weapons, and its value will grow via “hold to earn” or “play to earn” models. We set the target to launch this project along with the Aptos mainnet going live so that holders can experience the joy of fighting and upgrading while receiving proof of growing with Aptos. We will keep adding accessories and missions to this NFT project to make it a long-term one.

On the technical side, dNFT’s lack of traceability and transparency has always been a pain point; We found Aptos’ great throughput and scalability fits good for thus, we propose the Traceable dNFT Ledger (TdL) architecture and implement it using Aptos as the NFT metadata backend for its great throughput and scalability. TdL will maintain the frequently updated NFT metadata and provide visibility of the metadata revision history to the public.

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

Continuously create and contribute high-quality NFT content to Aptos.
We will bring high-quality anime-styled characters and well-designed items, equipment, and other accessories. Unlike other NFT projects, since our project is gamified, we will continuously add contents and missions for holders to play with.

Complement the dynamic NFT (dNFT) standard and discover the best practices for dNFT development on Aptos
Dynamic NFT is a perfect use-case for Aptos for its resource-oriented design and high performance. It’s also a suitable backend for our dNFT architecture. Thus we want to explore building a dNFT and potentially develop standards and best practices for dNFT on Aptos.

Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable

Traceable dNFT Ledger
Traceable dNFT Ledger (TdL) is a blockchain-based dynamic NFT ledger that assures real-time synchronization with the on-chain data and high-throughput NFT updates. It is a generalized framework that can support different blockchains depending on their underlying implementation.

TdL implementation on Aptos
We propose our design of TdL on Aptos. This design utilized Aptos’ high throughput and great scalability to meet the requirements of high-frequency metadata updates.

For more information on TdL and its architecture, please refer to GitHub - MatrixLabsTech/traceable-dNFT-ledger.

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

M1. Website online: (DONE)
M2. Online reservation for early access (ETA: mid-August)
M3. Open sourced TdL and module implementation tested on Devnet (ETA: end of August)
M4. E2E testing on testnet (ETA: Q3)
M5. Public sale (ETA: Q3, depends on the mainnet launch)
M6. Multiple game features are released for players to unlock new benefits and experiences, including (ETA: Q3, depending on the mainnet launch)

  1. Leveling System
  2. Squad System
  3. Community Tasks
  4. Mission System

M7. NFT marketplace for NFMS characters and accessories (ETA: Q4)

Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

Matrix Labs is experienced with building web3 applications and infrastructures. We co-produced several NFT and metaverse projects across various blockchains, including MatrixWorld, PhantaBear, and Rivermen. We also built Matrix Market, the first NFT marketplace that automatically syncs all NFTs on Flow. We co-built ChainIDE, an online dApp IDE that supports 10 different blockchains.
We are also experienced in Move language, and we built an interactive Move language tutorial called Move Castle in 2019.

Key Risks & Challenges

  • Implementing TdL in Aptos requires more trial and error and POCs.
  • Not sure if there are any delays on the mainnet launch.

Arts Preview


Good Job, love this one~
Need more NFT and GameFi on Aptos!

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Hey, Please feel free to apply for the grant program if your project falls under mentioned categories Announcing the Aptos Grant Program! | by Aptos | Aptoslabs | Jun, 2022 | Medium

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Thanks a lot for the info. We are working on this :smiley:

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Your website looks amazing! I am waiting for further actions and I want to take part! Cool



WOW! Thats the most interesting NFT project i’ve ever seen! Crazy! Huge fan :sparkling_heart:

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The art looks so cool, I am in love with it, and waiting for more updates.

Good job!!!

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The Concept looks innovated and I loved the art! Awaiting more to come…

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dNFT, a new standard in aptos?cool.

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Hope to see this soon!!!

Wow! Sounds awesome :ok_hand:. Would be awesome to see how it evolves. Keep building. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Update August 11:

  • Our Early Access events start today :rocket:. Check out for more details, and feel free to join the survey to share your opinion.
  • Added introduction to gameplay, teams, roadmap, and Traceable Dynamic Ledger architecture on our website.

All suggestions are very welcome. :smiley:


Brilliant and impressing website :star_struck:

Wow. looks really interesting!
When discord?

Update August 16:

  • We have received 25000+ whitelist applications. Thanks for the support :pray: :pray: :pray:
  • We are working on the TdL move implementation, and the code will be deployed to the DevNet this month.

Thanks for the support.
We plan to launch our Discord channel by the end of this month. I will update the information in this thread.