Increased activity in the Aptos Community

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about the Aptos Community. Aptos will a very successful project in future, but I think the community needs to be developed. I like working with community, seriously. And I have some ideas, how we can develop our community and attract new people.

I can create crossword puzzles for community. Completing the crossword puzzle people they will test their knowledge about Aptos, Pontem and Diem. I have knowledge about Aptos, Pontem (since they were building a bridge between Diem and Polkadot).

I was creating crossword puzzles for other projects, you can see it below :


I can create not only crosswords, I have a lot of ideas, but I need to consult with you whether the Aptos community needs it at all.


We can reward the person who is the first to complete the crossword puzzle. Maybe give the role or NFT. The reward can also come up with a community on this forum. But such contests will greatly enliven the community, and will also attract new people to the project, since these are contests in which a large number of people want to participate.

But the main task is to develop the community so that they understand the Aptos, Pontem technology, what the blockchain is being built for and where it will be applied.

Aptos Community, what do you think about my idea?


This is a neat unique idea I have not seen before in the Web3 world. Could be fun for some! Not sure that there needs to be a reward, but if necessary maybe randomly pick a winner for a small reward.


If there is at least some reward, there will be more involved participants in the contest/project. I think we can give the role to the winner. Maybe “Brain”, “Champion” ?

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This is a good idea as it will be fun and increase the number of participants.

Cool idea, you can also run questions from this crossword puzzle, just like questions in discord and whoever wrote first gets a point. I saw that other projects in web3 were doing about the same activities and it was a lot of fun. And in general, such activity involves the audience and people


I will release it tomorrow.


Better to do something vs. Nothing

Thanks for doing this :muscle:

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That’s a great idea! :gem:

Crossword puzzles and anything to do with community learning is always a good direction. :rocket:

It will be good for all members of the community, because they will have a better understanding of Aptos technology and what it creates and what goals it has. :muscle:

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We can cooperate, i also have proposal about weekly/monthly games

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I also think it’s a good idea. It not only increases activity, but it’s a good way to educate yourself about Aptos.


crosswords is good idea

Crosswords is good idea!

I’ll check 100%, thanks!