Incentivizing Move Educators [via Case Studies etc.]

Strategies of Incentivizing Movers

Problem Definition

The Aptos Academy is confronted with the challenge of finding ways to provide attractive incentives to encourage the creation of educational materials by Movers.

What are “Movers?” The term “Movers” describes the developer community in the Aptos ecosystem, i.e. builders, devs, and entrepreneurs that are utilizing the Move programming language in their applications and tools.

Incentivizing Move Educators

The following details possible approaches of incentivizing Movers.

Case Studies

The Aptos Academy can provide Movers a platform to showcase their projects via educational case studies. By creating educational materials detailing how a given application utilizes the Aptos blockchain and the Move programming language, Movers can generate interest in their products while at the same time helping to accelerate the learning curve of other builders.

Possible guiding questions for such case studies could be:

  • How does application xyz utilize the Move programming language?
  • What benefits of the Aptos blockchain and Move does the application leverage that other blockchains and/or programming languages cannot offer?
  • Which advantages does the application have as a result of using Aptos/Move?
  • What specific advantages does the application provide to end users that comparable dApps from other ecosystems are unable to provide?

Aptos Labs can help in amplifying case studies which could provide several benefits to both Movers and the Aptos ecosystem:

  • Case studies can lead to an increased developer interest in Aptos and the unique benefits the ecosystem can provide builders that utilize the Move programming language
  • Helping developers in reaching target audiences outside the Aptos ecosystem
  • Fostering the adoption of Aptos by drawing in new users from other ecosystems that benefit from the application’s unique advantages

Mentorship and Tutoring

In the future, qualified Move Educators could be eligible for mentoring by experts in the ecosystem, for example specialists from Aptos Labs, Aptos Academy, as well as cooperating ecosystem partners. By creating educational materials, Moves could catch the attention of figureheads in the ecosystem, who may be able to connect them with suitable mentors. The mentorship itself could be designed to help Movers in building state-of-the-art dApps that utilize the Aptos blockchain and the Move programming language in the best possible way.

Educator Perks

Movers that create educational materials for the ecosystem could benefit from a variety of different perks, such as:

  • Exclusive access to resources and materials provided by Aptos Labs that are designed to help Movers in providing first-class educational resources
  • Fast track to the Aptos Labs team for feedback and advice
  • Joining a network of like-minded Move Educators
  • Collaborations with other Move Educators to make use of synergies between applications and cross-promotional benefits
  • Feedback from Aptos Labs and mentoring (see #Mentorship and Tutoring)

Aptos Academy Mini-Grants

Fostering targeted educational initiatives by offering mini-grants to qualified individuals for creating high-quality resources. Mini-grants could become an option once the Aptos Academy has been operational for several years and has established contributor structures and governance bodies that oversee the process of creating RFPs and handing out mini-grants to contributors based on their engagement level and workload.

Utilizing Hackathons and Events

Participants of hackathons (and related events) organized by Aptos could be encouraged to share their key learnings in educational formats posted by the Aptos Academy. Additionally, the winners of such contests could create detailed explanations of their projects designed to help other Movers in discovering creative ways of utilizing Move.


This is a very good offer that will definitely help to develop literacy regarding participants and attract competent developers to the project


Thank you for your feedback, Nikolaj!

This is a well thought out plan that will benefit this project in a huge way. A great way to get people thinking about the project outside of the context of yet another L1 offering and inspire them to think critically about it using available data in an educational way that highlights the strengths of Aptos in comparison to other projects. Good read!

It’s a great topic you brought up. :metal:

The only delay in the development of ecosystem products is precisely the lack of MOVE experts.

What you suggested is the panacea to solve this problem.

:face_with_monocle: Perhaps you and your team should develop this educational program? In terms of algorithm, concepts and rules, mentor support, payment terms and so on… for students and teachers/mentors?( provided you have the right background and the Aptos team will support your initiative). + there’s MOVEDAO in the ecosystem and they might also be interested in getting involved.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I could not agree more with you. My vision revolves around creating a free platform for everybody can learn from the best in the field – without having to pay anything.


Maybe you should do some research with the Aptos project?
Conduct a poll on how many programmers are ready to learn MOVE today and how many are ready to become mentors and share their experiences. Create a form and ask the Aptos project to circulate it on social networks. With the source data you will understand the reach today among the community and the contact data for communication.

The first step to a big goal)


Great idea, I love it. That’s definitely interesting, taken a note about this!


Very decent approach!

Great job, I really love being part of this great community

Thank you and welcome to the community!

That’s a great idea

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