Incentives for local Community Managers and Aptos Contributors

Greetings Aptonauts,

I’m one of the admins of the Italian unofficial community of Aptos over telegram. I’m representing our admins and our community with great joy and fulfilment for being part of this amazing group and project. We have been able to build friendships and collaborations, even among local validators. Our commitment spans from practical support to general questions over the project, from translations of articles to more technical assistance thanks to our sysadmin, which is part of the Italian administrators’ group.

We are enthusiastic to keep this commitment going even in the future, being sure that Aptos will achieve all their goals, and we are overly proud to share that we have witnessed a dramatic increase of interest towards Aptos. Our Italian group is steadily growing and seems keen to actively participate in the opportunities that this ecosystem has to offer.
In this scenario I have no doubts that communities, and their key figures, will play a cardinal role, and that’s why I’d like to explore with other community leaders, and future ambassadors, the best course of action for rewarding their commitment, their enthusiasm and their nevralgic support for small retail investors that truly are the backbone of every ecosystem, marking their engagement on socials and over the markets.
My hope is that this forum, and this post, may become a place where Aptos team members and their community could merge to share ideas and find the right space for collaboration purposes.

We can start shaping the future right now, right here, with each of us feeling part of a greater team and family.
May our wish to participate on this journey set a standard and motivate the team in every hardship they will face, and may we always have winds blowing in our favor.

Sincerely yours,
Mik - Aptos Italia Unofficial Community


Hello Italian friends, this forum is a great place for cooperation of people from all over the world! :wave:


Thank you bro, this makes us very happy! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support Arcling!

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Finalmente sono riuscito a votare :smiley:


Grande!! Grazie per il supporto Matti!!

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A good creativity and interesting work

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