In a world first, NHS colleagues successfully performed a life-saving aorta repair on 12-year-old Sami

Around 50 clinicians have had to put their clinical mettle into a real lifetime test. And the result of their actions is what we are all celebrating today with the concerned family in question.

Some strangely evolving genetic diseases these days will leave one seriously bewildered, thank goodness we’ve got superbly great clinicians that have not been resting on oars in catching up with every rescheduled surgical appointment as well as cashing in on rarest health challenges that might want to play their claw back effects on the nation’s health service.

Abdul, Sami’s dad does sound like his son’s health progress is beyond just a mere respite despite the incurability of his son’s genetic disease, known as Multisystemic Smooth Muscle Dynfunction Syndrome {MSMD} for short.

Each time Great Ormond Street Hospital&Children’s Charity, GOSH comes up for a public discourse it is usually done for innovative reasons.

Nobody had thought Sami’s genetic condition would get a new facelift, but in the long run Dr Elena Cervi, Sami’s consultant said all factors were worth putting on a lifeline after Sami had spent roughly three years under her clinical supervision, if I had not distorted the real fact here.

Let us also not forget that Sami’s had been on palliative care since his family, especially his dad and his consultant were virtually engaged in some countdown to a possible worst case scenario.

Medical experts at Barts Health NHS Trust felt Sami’s genetic disease was a too big to miss case and decided to partner with GOSH in doing the unimaginable surgical procedure. Sami has had to be operated on for three consecutive times.

And ever since his last two operations, the boy has been living happily with his family. Today, he has a functional and rupture less aorta.