Importance of Yoga For Good health and wealth (crypto) 😇

:sparkles:Need To know,
Yoga purifies the body and mind by stimulating and purifying the lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, by bringing health to our digestive tract, calming the mind and stimulating the internal organs . Impurities in our internal body adversely affect our state of mind also.

:sparkles:The Four Parts of Mind – Harnessing the True Power of the Mind
1.Buddhi - The Intellect
2.Manas - A Huge Silo of Memory
3.Ahankara - The Sense of Identity
4.Chitta - The Cosmic Intelligence

:sparkles:The Divine Enslaved
When people touch this dimension of the mind, it is called ishwara pranidhana in yoga. This means God becomes your slave – he works for you. You know, yogis say, “Shiva is my servant. He does everything for me.” In a way, otherwise, I would not be here. Once you know how to consciously access your chitta, everything that is needed will simply happen in the best possible way. If you go by your intellect or your buddhi, today you think “this is it,” tomorrow morning you think “that is it” – like this it goes on endlessly.