IMCODING-Interactive programming education platform

  • Project Name:IMcoding

  • Website:

  • Briefing:IMcoding is an interactive programming education platform dedicated to encouraging more people to participate in the creation of the metaverse, where everyone can become a creator.

  • Why we build & what we solve:Aptos is a public blockchain that use Move as its bottom layer. The amount of talents who can use Move language proficiently is limited. The public chain ecosystem is tough to operate and develops slowly because to a long-term dearth of talent. This is consistent with the mission of IMcoding, which is to teach additional programming talent to help construct the metaverse. Simultaneously, during the period when on-chain users are not active enough and lack incentive to participate in on-chain activities, we will increase the active degree of users to pique their interest and enhance the on-chain environment.

    *Interactive programming page style, for reference only

  • Our goal:Our goal is to allow more people to participate in the metaverse’s construction and become metaverse development reserve talents while swimming in Web3.

  • Our value Proposition:We are not only for Web3 engineers, but also for Web2 practitioners from the outside, to open the talent pipeline entrance. Give strength to on-chain ecosystem so that on-chain activities appear prosperous. We integrate talent training, technical services, and incubation projects as a whole to provide project parties along the chain with one-stop solutions.

  • Our current achievements:Before establishing IMcoding, we were deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years, and our team includes experienced blockchain engineers. For Move language, the team first conducted learning and communication experiments before developing its own knowledge education system after extensive research. Move language tutorial content combines the ideas and experiences of several senior engineers; we have implemented Move language teaching content on our website as a special plate, chapter in the continuous update.

  • Thought on project future
    2022 Q3:
    Perfect the course requirements (provide output of blockchain teaching content such as Move and Solidity);
    Establish active community, establish IMcoding brand in the metaverse;

    2022 Q4:
    Soul bound token exploration and issuance, for your “diploma”;
    Value acquisition, providing incentives for learners while learning;

    2023 Q1:
    Start the Conqueror project to gain more rights for early contributors;
    Beteach encourages learners to publish their own content;

    2023 Q2:
    Strategy X, opportunity to have depth communication with lead metaverse companies.

  • Our team
    Most of our team members are from the world’s leading exchanges, and we have rich development experience in ETH, EOS, BSC, etc.

    CEO,Data Analyst, Blockchain Technology Enthusiast, Web3 Early Entrepreneur

    CTO,Full stack developer,Proficient in blockchain technology, 6 years of experience in blockchain development, and participated in ETH ecological project code contribution

    Cofounder,5 years of back-end development experience and 2 years of blockchain development experience, worked for a well-known exchange

    Cofounder,Focused on crypto research for 5 years & DeFi Early Farmer

    Front End Developer,Worked in a well-known Internet company,3 years of front-end experience,1 and a half years of Web3 development experience

    Former well-known exchange UI/UX designer, NFT artist

  • Risk & challenge
    Risk: IMcoding is facing the problem of project promotion, lack of professional operation personnel, can not accurately grasp the launch period, thus we need professional talents and financial support to make our project run healthily.
    Challenge: With the rapid rise of Aptos ecosystem, there are bound to be many competing products released at the same time. Only high-quality innovation can ensure that IMcoding stands out, which will be a huge challenge for us.

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Your goal ( “Our goal is to allow more people to participate in the metaverse’s construction and become metaverse development reserve talents while swimming in Web3”) got me inlove with ur innovation, the roadmap is very ok, can’t wait to see what comes off this​:heart::heart:


This is good and welcome development initiative on Aptos network, hope you archive all what was outlined above…


Awesome idea! I also need this lesson.Wise to meet this project in mainnet.


awesome project :+1:


Wow… I like this great idea. It takes a great mind to bring this to reality. Well done and all the best.


I had same opinion mate😎


We have a gadget for the emerging programming language MOVE.Developers can use it to build their own Move Playground.


Have a fren whose much interested in the move language will forward to him…thanks😎

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Hey Guys
Perfect project for adoption of talent into Web3.
Wishing you all the best in making web3 development as easy as web2 :smiley:
As a matter of fact, tools and infrastructure available to web3 developers are much less robust than in web2. This makes it difficult to even get started developing, experimenting and deploying applications in web3.

IMConding will definitely simplify the entire web3 developer journey and this will unlock innovation within web3 and overall growth of Aptos.
I am also hoping that this academy will empower developers to quickly be able to learn new skills and get their work done. No need for developer to re-invent the wheel. For example: as a student, I wish to be able to find templates of smart contracts to quicken my learning.

However, I just checked your website and the home page font size below is like 9 !!!
Please check it out and make stuff accessible.

With Gratitude


Wow… Will definitely spare some time to learn much about the language. Thanks for the work.

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Thanks for the feedback. I trust devs will take care of it.

Exciting news

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We have checked the website and found no problems with your feedback
Thanks anyway!

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Maybe device responsiveness on my side but no worries, everything will fall along. Thanks

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Share the progress update!!


Wow… A well planned work. I wish you great success.

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A great idea mate


Hello everyone!
I’m happy to tell you that our new version of the official website is now online. Also online is our first interactive programming course - Move Language. Welcome to experience it!

New version:
Move course:Imcoding - Code to Earn


Wow… This is wonderful😍