I'm new on Aptos. What is the best way to get started with this blockchain?

I want to send my assets from ETX to Aptos. What is the best way to do this?


Can you explain " from FTX to Aptos " ?

The most reliable and practical option - https://bridge.liquidswap.com
This is Pontem. It has the best support from top funds, and also cooperates with Layerzero. Great liquidity. Any activity on this site will bring you to the forefront of future retrodrops, if any, moreover, both from Aptos and from Layerzero


Do swaps and bridges on https://bridge.liquidswap.com
More volume, more chance to get drops
But read attentively while bridging, APT>ETH can last ~3 days :cold_face:

What is ETX?

I guess FTX, bankrupt cryptomarket :smile:

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