If you’re active in web3 this is a must-read for your wallets and funds safety

Your Wallets can be compromised easily and all your funds gone in the blink of an eye Never think it can’t happen to you. If you’re active in web3 this is a must-read for you. Don’t work hard to lose everything eventually with a single click ⬇️

In this thread, I’ll be covering
♦️Links and DMs
♦️Twitter Security
♦️Discord Security
♦️Wallets Segregation
♦️Protecting your Wallet

Let’s go…

♦️Links🔗 and DMs
:white_small_square:DO NOT click on ANY links OR open ANY files sent to you.
:white_small_square:Assume they’re ALL scams.
:white_small_square:Bookmark commonly used sites (OS, Blur, etc.)

If you need to open a link sent to you, do these:
:white_small_square:Open it in Guest mode or Incognito mode.
:white_small_square:Open it on a Browser that has no wallets connected.

♦️Twitter Security
:white_small_square:Enable 2FA for your Twitter AND email.
:white_small_square:ANY Twitter profile with comments turned off are scam
:white_small_square:Accounts running promotions of Airdrops claims are scam.
:white_small_square:Scammers WILL clone your friend’s Twitter account and try to scam you.
:white_small_square:People tagging you to claim a random Airdrop or NFTs are scam

Read permissions BEFORE connecting third-party apps to your Twitter.
:white_small_square:Regularly Revoke Permission:

  1. Go to Settings and Support.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Choose Security & Account Access.
  4. Click on Connected Accounts.
  5. Disconnect any apps you want to remove.

♦️Discord Security
:white_small_square:Assume EVERYONE sending you a DM or friend request is trying to scam you.
:white_small_square:NEVER answer DMs from “mods” or “team members”, they will NEVER contact you through DMs.
:white_small_square:NEVER do any over-the-counter trades.

ONLY conduct OTC trades on verified platforms such as x2y2.
:white_small_square:Do NOT click private listing links sent by the seller. Instead:

  1. Search the verified collection on x2y2.
  2. Enter the NFT ID. If legitimate, it will display as being exclusively listed for your wallet.

:white_small_square:Scammers will clone your friend’s discord account and try to scam you.
:white_small_square:Scammers always target people looking for help in Discord channels.

♦️ Passwords
:white_small_square:Do NOT store ANY passwords or mnemonic phrases online.
:white_small_square:ALWAYS use a unique password for each account.
:white_small_square:Do NOT use information related to you in any way.
:white_small_square:ALWAYS use a variety of lower case and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.

♦️Wallets Segregation
:white_small_square:Cold Wallet: For valuable assets.
:white_small_square:Hot Wallet: For low-value items and daily use.
:white_small_square:Burner Wallet: For minting, Testnets, or other high-risk interactions.
Let’s cover each🔻

Cold Wallet:
:white_small_square:This is your hardware wallet where you store all your valuables offline (Ledger, Trezor.)
:white_small_square: Do NOT connect this wallet to any platform/website.
:white_small_square:ONLY use for transactions between YOUR wallets.

Hot Wallet:
:white_small_square:This is your daily use wallet that connects to reputable platforms (OS, Blur, etc.)
:white_small_square:ONLY store low-value items and small amounts of crypto in this wallet.
:white_small_square:ONLY use this wallet for buying, selling, and trading.

Burner Wallet:
:white_small_square:ONLY use for high-risk interactions and Testnets
:white_small_square:NEVER store crypto or NFTs in this wallet.
:white_small_square:ONLY store small amounts of crypto for gas fees in this wallet.
:white_small_square:ALWAYS Transfer NFTs out and revoke permissions after minting.

♦️Protecting your Wallet
:white_small_square: Revoke permissions and connected sites regularly, I use @RevokeCash
:white_small_square:Double-check requests before giving approval. ▫️Extensions like @wallet_guard and @RevokeCash can provide extra protection.
:white_small_square:NEVER click on random NFTs airdropped in your wallet or try to sell them
:white_small_square:NEVER share your seed phrase unless you’re recovering assets.
:white_small_square:NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone, no matter who they claim to be.

Don’t let one wrong click destroy everything you’ve worked for, take action now to protect yourself before it’s too late.

That will be all for this thread, If you have any other security tips do well to share them, Do well to like and share with friends.


Wallet protection is a basic necessity.


Revoke Cash is good option to check for permission you gave to any website for your wallet access


Thanks for good info


thanks for helpfull info


Thanks for the information.
I wanted to ask you
I use mm and I have 2 extra wallets on it without their personal seed phrases and I would like to separate them how do I go about it?

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nice information man

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Every wallet have their own seed phrases, try to back them up before you lose them… TY


Here are a few tips to include.

Don’t FOMO / Panic
○ Acting faster than you can think is a recipe for
○ Even if it’s not a scam you might make a mistake.
● Ask other people that you trust


Good information about crypto Security